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Sound the Trumpet - Henry Purcell

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This is an arrangement of Sound the Trumpet from Come Ye Sons of Art by Henry Purcell. This version was created, edited, and performed by the International Baroque Consort. What makes this version so unique, is that the original was meant for 2 echoing countertenors, but this version has replaced one of the countertenors with baroque trumpet in D, giving it a delightful and even more playful new character. We have provided this to make it more available to the public, and for other musicians and chamber ensembles to enjoy playing as much as we have!

Though it is a simple and playful piece, we found it especially challenging to capture the character of the piece, especially since the trumpet did not have words to sing, but was rather a playmate to the vocalist. So our suggestion is learning the words, and understanding the context of the phrases that the trumpet player is playing in order to have a more uplifting and engaging conversation between the trumpeter and vocalist.

Instrumentation: Voice, Trumpet, Cello, and Harpsichord (Includes full score as well)

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